Ten Things Your Plumber Says You Should Never Flush Down the Toilet

We polled some of our professional dealers and asked them what some of the most common things and the craziest things they see clog toilets and pipes and wastewater pumps. Here are their answers. Don’t flush these things…

  1. A whole roll of toilet paper – children love to do this. It’s clog city.
  2. Disposable wipes – these wipes, whether for your floor, face or baby’s bottoms – are not biodegradable and will definitely clog your toilet.
  3. Diapers – really? Wow. Who does that? Yes, the poop can go down the toilet but the plastic diaper cannot.
  4. Feminine products – yes, they are advertised as flushable, but more times than not clogs are created by these products.
  5. Cotton Balls, Q-Tips, Paper Towels and Kleenex – they clog almost as many toilets and pipes as feminine products. Cotton balls, Q-Tips, paper towels and Kleenex don’t break down like toilet paper and eventually they will clog up bends and tees in your pipes.
  6. Condoms – they aren’t biodegradable. Much better to wrap them in toilet paper and place them in the trash bin.
  7. Prescription medications — These drugs destroy bacteria, contaminate groundwater supplies, and can have terrible effects on wildlife downstream. Check to learn alternative ways to get rid of medication.
  8. Cigarettes — Following closely behind prescription medications in their toxicity are cigarette butts.
  9. Dead Pets – hard to believe, but people do it. They can do serious damage to your pipes and introduce horrible, unthinkable germs into the water.
  10. Dental floss – it’s not biodegradable either and loves to wrap around other items in the pipes turning a clog into a spider web of problems.
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