Help! How to Select a Qualified Well Specialist for Drilling and Service

Unless you were raised in a home with a well, they may seem very foreign to you. When dealing with new “technology,” it can be nerve-wracking trying to find the right help when you’re not sure what problem you’re trying to solve. Don’t give up, like our favorite mechanic, we all find plumbers we rely on to do a great job for us every time. Just like your car, a well needs ongoing, preventative maintenance to ensure it continues to work well and,…

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How to Control the Quality of Water from Your Well

In the U.S., more than 15 million households depend on private ground water wells. These well owners enjoy control of quality of their water. Wells are usually low maintenance, but every once in a while groundwater or well water becomes contaminated or saturated in minerals that can affect the smell and taste of the water. How Wells and Groundwater Work Together When rain falls, much of it is absorbed into the ground. Plants then use as much of…

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I am buying a home with a well and radon was detected in the air. Should I have the well water tested?

WSC recommends that you have the well water tested whenever you are buying a house with a well. Contact your local health department for list of licensed laboratories in your area. Call the laboratory and schedule an appointment for testing….

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Are there ever times when you have to watch your well water consumption so as not to run your well dry? If so, what times of the year does this occur?

Moderate to severe drought conditions are a fact of life in more than half of the nation. Some utilities and local and state governments have declared mandatory water conservation measures, even for private well owners. You can find additional information from the Wellcare Network,…

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When do you disinfect a well?

Your well should be disinfected whenever any maintenance is done on your well or you are worried that your well may have bacterial contamination. WSC recommends that you have a professional water well contractor do any repairs to your well and disinfect it afterwards….

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What type of treatment is needed for a well system?

Well water is naturally better! So it’s likely that your well water won’t need any treatment. Before you consider any treatment, you should have your water tested. The test results will help you to decide what (if any) treatment you may need. Then, your water well contractor or a professional water treatment dealer in your area can recommend the best treatment technology for your well….

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How do I get a well drilled on my property?

Water Systems Council (WSC) recommends that you hire a certified well driller for any well construction. For more information on selecting a well contractor please view the Dealer Locator to find a professional Goulds Water Technology contractor….

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I’m having problems with my well pump. It seems to be working fine, but I have to prime it every other day

Question continued: …otherwise nothing gets pumped out. Could my pressure tank be the problem? My water pressure isn’t that high, but seems to be okay. Let’s consider some factors that could be causing you to prime your pump so often: Every two days, your water use is greater, causing the water level in the well to drop enough for the pump to pull in air, either through the intake, or through a very small break in the pipe. Whe…

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I am on a well system and I don’t have any water when I open a faucet. Is my tank bad?

No. The tank only holds water that the pump puts into it. If the pump doesn’t put any water into the tank, then it doesn’t have anything to hold. We recommend contacting a professional well contractor to have your system checked out. This symptom typically means that something is wrong with the well pump….

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What size pump do I need for my well?

Sizing a pump depends on water needs and your water source. If you have a well that produces 8GPM you will probably be limited to that flow rate. Our professional dealer network understands the well conditions for their area and can make the best recommendation….

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